Minecraft for Xbox 360 Halloween Skin Pack Earns $770,000 (€593k) for Charity

Lots of Minecraft players bought the DLC pack to benefit charities

The special Halloween Skin Pack for Minecraft's Xbox 360 edition has earned a total of $770,448 (around €593,000) for different charities ever since it was released on Xbox Live back in October.

Minecraft for the Xbox 360 has been a huge success, with 4J Studios managing to completely recreate the stunning experience made for the PC by the original developer, Mojang.

In order to capitalize on this popularity and to help out different charities, 4J, together with different studios, got together to create the Halloween Skin pack, which included 55 different skins for the main character.

The DLC was priced at 160 MS Points and the profits were split between different charities, ranging from Child's Play, to Macmillan Cancer Support, Sands Lothians, or Block by Block.

Now, 4J has confirmed on its Twitter that the DLC pack earned a grand total of $770,448 (€593,000) for the aforementioned charities.

This is truly great news and you can expect these sorts of noble initiatives to be employed by other developers and games in the near future.

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