Minecraft Xbox 360 Update 8 Gets Detailed Soon, Has 40 Fixes

The console version will get a brand new patch soon enough

Minecraft for Xbox 360 developer 4J Studios has confirmed that it's going to release a full list of details for the game's upcoming update 8 soon enough and revealed that around 40 bug fixes are included in the patch.

Minecraft is a huge success on the PC and became extremely popular on the Xbox 360 as well, where developer 4J Studios has continuously updated the game with themed patches and smaller hotfixes.

Now, the studio is working on update 8 for Minecraft for the Xbox 360, and revealed on Twitter that it's going to announce a full list of changes this week.

What's more, 4J also mentioned that around 40 fixes are included in the patch, so you can expect plenty of annoyances to be eliminated by the new update.

Expect to hear more about Minecraft for the Xbox 360 soon enough.

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