Minecraft Update 7 for Xbox 360 Arrives Today

Delivers enchanting, breeding and brewing for potions

After revealing all the new content set to be added to Minecraft on the Xbox 360, the developer in charge of the Microsoft console version, 4J Studios, announces that the game changes and the new content will be delivered today via Xbox Live Arcade.

Update 7 for Minecraft includes a number of new mechanics, including brewing for potions, enchanting for armor and weapons and breeding for all the animals in the game.

There’s also one new biome to explore, with new resources to gather and use, and Nether Fortresses can be accessed.

Minecraft has been a huge hit on the Xbox 360, which surprised many who thought the experience would only be attractive to gamers on the PC, and Mojang and 4J Studios are delivering updates in order to introduce new mechanics and content.

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