Minecraft Snapshot 13w02a Includes Deadly Skeletons, TNT Carts

Gamers will also get a number of new graphics options

The development team at Mojang is offering fans a chance to look into the future of the indie game via the most recent snapshot, labeled 13w02a, which includes deadlier skeletons for players to face and a number of new items for gamers to use.

Full details are offered on the official Mojang site.

Quartz blocks and activator rails are also added and there are also more options for mobs and for monsters.

Mojang also promises graphics changes and states, “Starting from this snapshot and forward, blocks and items will no longer load their artwork from one big sheet of sprites. Instead, they’ll have individual files for each image they’re using.”

Minecraft is the bestselling indie game of 2012 and continues to receive updates on both the PC and the Xbox 360.

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