Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition Is Available on Disc Starting Today, May 14

The physical edition of Minecraft for PS3 will be available in North America on May 16

The PlayStation 3 physical edition of Minecraft is coming out today all across the PAL region, which means that players in most parts of Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania will be able to proudly adorn their homes with a new and swanky box.

The block-stacking sensation has taken the world by storm, so far selling an aggregate of around 50 million units worldwide, across all available platforms.

The PlayStation 3 edition of Minecraft came out in December 2013, and it continues raking in profits for developer Mojang, topping the sales chart on the platform month after month, so far registering over 1.5 million downloads.

While the console editions of the game lack some of the features in the PC version, the core Minecraft experience is intact, allowing gamers all around the world to let their imagination run free, as was evidenced by feats such as the in-game recreation of Manhattan or Denmark.

Sony plans to bring Minecraft to all of its platforms, the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita ports being worked on as we speak, with an expected release windows of Q2/Q3 2014. The Xbox One port is also in the works, with no release date issued yet.

For now, the PlayStation 3 edition on disc will have to do, available starting today across the PAL region, with UK and Ireland to follow this Friday, May 16, along with North America.

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