Minecraft Gets Pre-Release for 1.4.4 Patch on the PC

Gamers will get a quick fix that eliminates two big bugs

The development team at Mojang working on Minecraft announces that it has launched a new pre-release version of patch 1.4.4 for the indie sensation.

The launch, which comes close on the heels of patch 1.4.3, is designed to fix two serious problems with the game and the team plans to publish the official patch in the game launches during next week.

The fixes are:

“Fixed the 'unable to swim upwards' bug

Fixed the 'placed torches jump between walls' bug.”

Minecraft has been a hit both on the PC and on Xbox Live and Mojang is keeping players interested in the game by moving quickly to fix all the problems that the community reports and by delivering new content for it.

Markus “Notch” Persson is no longer personally involved with Minecraft and is currently working on Scrolls and on 0x10c.

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