Minecraft Gets Lobby System Courtesy of Modding Team

The feature might be integrated into the core game in the future

Fans of Indie hit Minecraft can now download and activate a new mod which allows them to enter a fully three-dimensional server lobby, where they can walk around and look at the game servers that they are able to join.

The mod was created by HighlifeTTU and lazertester and full information and how it needs to be installed and activated can be found here.

The lobby system for Minecraft includes a relaxation lounge, a new area for Player versus Player brawling with limited access and swimming pools.

At the moment, the lobby can only be activated by those on the North American market, but the developers have plans to also offer it for Europe and Australia.

It will be interesting to see how developer Mojang reacts to the new lobby system and whether it plans to add it to the core game.

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