Minecraft Developer Made $237 Million (€173M) in 2012

The independent studio is making a lot of money from the upcoming game

Mojang, the studio behind the hugely successful Minecraft property, has earned a whopping $237 million (€173 million) in revenue throughout 2012, with almost half of that coming from the licensing of the property.

Minecraft is a true global phenomenon as what started out as a small independent game quickly became one of the most addictive experiences in the world.

Developer Mojang, led by the creator of the game, Markus Persson, has taken great care of Minecraft in the last few years and even signed deals with external developers and publishers to bring the game onto the Xbox 360 or mobile platforms.

Now, GamesIndustry reveals, via a Swedish publication, that Mojang has made a huge amount of money during 2012, as its revenue has made over $237 million (€173 million).

After regular expenses, Mojang's pre-tax profits are around $91 million (€66 million).

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