Minecraft Could Appear on PlayStation Consoles, Won't Make It to Wii U

The hit indie game could appear on PS3 after Microsoft's exclusivity expires

Mojang, the developer behind the hugely successful Minecraft project, has confirmed that, once Microsoft's exclusivity deal expires, Minecraft could appear on other consoles besides the Xbox 360, including the PlayStation 3.

Mojang has impressed tens of millions of gamers from all around the world with Minecraft, which appeared on the PC but also on mobile devices and even the Xbox 360.

Speaking with Edge, Minecraft mobile designer Jens Bergensten said that, once Microsoft's exclusivity deal expires, Mojang will consider Minecraft for PlayStation consoles.

However, Bergensten emphasized that it's unlikely for Minecraft to appear on the Nintendo Wii U, although he didn't say why Mojang won't try to release its title on the new console.

As of yet, it's unclear just how long Microsoft's timed exclusivity deal will last, so PlayStation owners will still have to wait in order to play Minecraft.

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