Mike Vick Believes in Madden Curse, Accepts 25th Game Might Break It

The quarterback says that he was directly affected by the phenomenon

Mike Vick, the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, believes that the so-called Madden curse that affects all players who grace the cover of the long-running American football simulation title is real and could make more victims among players.

Speaking to the EPSN Go blog about his own experience with the video game, he states, “I tend not to be superstitious, but sometimes life leads me to believe in certain superstitions, and that one, I just can’t really get a handle on right now.”

This year, the team at EA Sports chose to put Barry Sanders on the cover of Madden NFL 25, which Vick believes might serve to break the curse for future players who land in the same spot.

The new title is expected to launch in the middle of August and will introduce more physics options and new ways to manage tactics.

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