Might & Magic Heroes VI Gets Shades of Darkness Expansion on 28 February 2013

The hero of the new campaign will be Raelag and his new Dungeon faction

Video game publisher Ubisoft says that the new Shades of Darkness expansion for its turn-based strategy Might & Magic Heroes VI will be available at retail on the PC on February 28 of next year, with new content to satisfy long-term fans of the universe.

The company says, “Starring the cult hero Raelag, first introduced in Heroes V, this fully fledged standalone game will feature a new faction, Dungeon, led by the Dark Elves, and two new campaigns unveiling another piece of history in the Might & Magic Universe.”

One day later, on March 1, players will also get access to a new retail package called Might & Magic Heroes VI Complete Edition.

It introduces the base game, all launched bonus maps and items, new adventure packs, the original soundtrack and the already mentioned Shades of Darkness expansion.

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