Microsoft's E3 2013 Conference Will Be Held on June 10

Expect plenty of Xbox 720 details to be shared at that time

Microsoft will hold its traditional E3 2013 press conference on June 10 at the Galen Center of the University of Southern California, at least according to representatives of the meeting hall, which confirmed Microsoft's booking.

The next-generation Xbox console will be showed off to the world on May 21 at a special press gathering at Microsoft's Redmond, Washington campus.

This doesn't mean that the company isn't going to hold its traditional E3 2013 press conference, as representatives have already revealed that plenty of other details would be shared at that event.

Now, it's been confirmed that Microsoft will hold its special event once again at the Galen Center in the USC campus on June 10.

This is at least according to NeoWin, which phoned representatives of the hall to confirm Microsoft's booking.

The exact hour isn't known, but Microsoft is expected to send its invitations to the E3 2013 press conference soon enough.

E3 2013 is officially held between June 11 and 13.

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