Microsoft Preparing Streamlined Xbox Live Region Changing System

A web-based application is going to be released in the near future

Microsoft is getting ready to debut a web-based application that should help Xbox Live users quickly and easily change their current region, without having to talk to Customer Support and endure the current lengthy process.

Xbox Live is a worldwide online service offered to all Xbox 360 users, but once a gamer changed countries or regions, they had to endure a lengthy process in order to continue using his or her account, not to mention the things stored on it, like MS Points, Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, and more.

Now, according to NeoWin, Microsoft is preparing a web-based application that will streamline the whole region changing mechanic.

With the new system, Xbox Live owners can easily change their regions once every three months and this will migrate their gamer tag, achievements, MS Points, and Gold subscription.

Some settings can't be migrated, however, like access to entertainment apps, if they're unavailable in the new region, or Xbox Music subscriptions.

The new service is currently being rolled out in Germany, at least, and you can expect an official statement soon enough.

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