Microsoft: No Price Increase for First-Party Xbox One Games

Publishers will apparently be free to create their own policies

The video game publishing division inside Microsoft says that it has no plans to increase the price of retail video games for the its upcoming Xbox One home console.

A representative of the company has confirmed to Kotaku that the price will remain fixed at 59.99 dollars or Euro at launch.

The Microsoft spokesperson has not offered any information on whether the company will also force third-party publishers, like Activision, Ubisoft or Electronic Arts, to follow the same policy.

The Xbox One will already give publishers freedom when it comes to used game policy and that might mean that they also have a free hand when it comes to setting prices for their own titles.

Sony has also confirmed that its own titles for the PlayStation 4 will sell for anywhere between less than one dollar and the current 59.99 dollars or Euro.

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