Microsoft Is Talking with Developers About Xbox 720, Epic Games Says

The talks have been private, as opposed to Sony's PlayStation 4 discussions

Despite not actually revealing to the world the Xbox 720 next-generation console, Microsoft is in fact talking about the device, codenamed Durango, with developers, at least according to Epic Games.

Sony revealed to the world the PlayStation 4 back in February and, since then, it's been quite public with the different attributes of the console, as opposed to Microsoft which has yet to reveal its own next-gen device.

This doesn't mean that Microsoft isn't talking about the Xbox 720 with developers, as Epic Games' Mark Rein told CVG that Microsoft did have a private presence at the Game Developers Conference last week.

"I don't think with developer relations anyone is trying to be public, it's just you're at GDC and Sony has the hardware to talk about, and Microsoft hasn't talked about it publicly yet. So I think it's just the difference between someone who can say the name of their console and someone who can't," Rein said.

According to recent rumors, the Xbox 720 will be revealed at a press conference on May 21.

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