Microsoft Has Sold Almost 76 Million Xbox 360 Consoles Worldwide

The old console is still going strong after all these years

Microsoft has confirmed the lifetime sales figures for its Xbox 360 console, revealing that around 75.9 million units have been sold globally to consumers.

While lots of people are now talking about next-generation consoles, Microsoft is still focusing a lot on its Xbox 360, which is continuing to outsell its rivals, like the PS3, Wii or even the Wii U, on a consistent pace for quite some time.

The company has now showcased its financial figures for the second quarter of Financial Year 2013, and, via CVG, it confirmed that around 75.9 million Xbox 360 consoles had been sold worldwide.

What's more, there are now over 40 million Xbox Live users, but Microsoft didn't say exactly how many of them were paying for a Gold subscription and how many were content with the free membership.

Even, so, it's almost a 6 million unit increase since Microsoft's sales figures from last year, so the Xbox 360 is still selling great at this stage in the console generation.

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