Microsoft Creative Director Wants Always-On Internet Connection for Consoles

People who don't have a constant connection should just deal with it, apparently

After a brand new report appeared yesterday concerning Microsoft's next-generation Xbox 720 and how it needs a constant internet connection, one of the company's Creative Directors, Adam Orth, posted on Twitter his thoughts about such a requirement and mentioned that consumers should just deal with it instead of complaining.

The Xbox 720 is going to be revealed to the world in the near future and already quite a few rumors have started appearing on the web.

The latest surfaced yesterday and mentioned that the next-gen console won't even let users start their games or apps without active internet access and that, if the connection drops, it will suspend the game or app until it's back on.

Microsoft Creative Director Adam Orth talked about the idea of "always on" devices on his personal Twitter account and simply stated that consumers without a constantly connected device should just deal with it.

As you can imagine, this resulted in a negative backlash from people, but Orth continued to say that having an always-on device isn't that hard.

While this isn't a confirmation that the Xbox 720 will require a constant internet connection, it does highlight the train of thought at Microsoft.

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