Microsoft: Cloud Computing Is a Huge Strategic Investment for Xbox One

Gamers will benefit from the increase in power and storage it offers

One of the main features of the new Xbox One home console is its reliance on the cloud for more computing power and storage and Microsoft believes that this represents the biggest strategic investment it has made for the new platform.

Phil Harrison, a vice president at the company, tells  that the cloud tech is designed to “keep the console fresh, it allows us to add functionality to the device over time, but it also allows developers to tap that power for their own gaming experiences.”

On launch, Forza Motorsport 5 will use the new Driavatar system to track the way gamers are playing the racing sim and then upload their profiles to the cloud.

The game is then able to retrieve the data and use it to improve the overall performance of the Artificial Intelligence-controlled cars.

Other titles for the Xbox One will have similar uses for cloud tech.

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