Metro: Last Light Will Aim for Comparable Experiences on Consoles and PC

The game is designed to deliver high-quality visuals

The developers working on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Metro: Last Light are trying to deliver a solid experience for players, comparable to what they can get from a mainstream gaming PC.

Huw Benyon, the leader of the communications department at publisher THQ, says, “I think PS3 and 360 owners are going to be very, very pleased with the level of fidelity we can hit on those platforms given how far ahead the PC hardware is now versus those fixed platforms.”

Apparently, moving the new game to the PlayStation 3 has not been difficult, but rather boring, according to the lead programmer.

The developers at 4A Games have criticized the power of the Wii U recently, which probably means that Metro: Last Light will not get a port on the new Nintendo gaming platform.

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