Metro: Last Light Gets Stunning Genesis Gameplay Video

Take a look at the new environments, weapons, and enemies from the new Metro game

Besides offering free copies of Metro 2033, THQ has also revealed a brand new gameplay video for the upcoming Metro: Last Light title, showing off all sorts of impressive footage from the new shooter.

Metro 2033 was an impressive game that was let down by certain problems and issues. With Metro: Last Light, developer 4A Games and THQ are trying to deliver the most intense atmospheric shooter out there.

In case people are still not convinced, the companies have now posted a special gameplay video with Last Light, showing off all kinds of gameplay footage, while comparing it with the biblical Genesis.

As you can see, the game still looks stunning and you can spot all sorts of new things, from weapons to environments and monsters.

Check out the video above and get ready for the release of Metro: Last Light in March, 2013.

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