Metal Gear Solid 4 25th Anniversary Edition Revealed by Store Leak

The new version of the game includes extras, Trophy support

Online stores have revealed that publisher Konami is getting ready to launch Metal Gear Solid 4 25th Anniversary Edition, a new version of the already classic game.

The package was spotted by Eurogamer at online stores as Zavvi and ShopTo and will be launched exclusively on the PlayStation 3 home console from Son, on November 30 of this year.

The publisher has refused to acknowledge the existence of the Metal Gear Solid 4 25th Anniversary Edition, despite the fact that launch is coming pretty soon.

It’s not clear what new content the package might contain, but it will probably be targeted directly at the most hardcore of Metal Gear fans.

Recently, Konami introduced an update for the game, which adds support for Trophies.

Hideo Kojima is already working on a full-blown sequel, Ground Zeroes, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance should be out in early 2013.

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