Mercenary Uses Killzone 3 A.I. and Engine on PlayStation Vita

The development team is also using the unique features of the handheld

Piers Jackson, the developer leading Killzone: Mercenary creation at Guerrilla Cambridge, says that most of the infrastructure of the game is based on technology that was originally created for Killzone 3 on the PlayStation 3.

He tells the Official PlayStation blog that, “It’s optimised in a lot of locations but the core AI system is based precisely on Killzone 3. We’ve had to replace a few of the audio and rendering systems but the back-end leading into them is pure Killzone engine architecture.”

The Killzone Mercenary team has also added elements that take advantage of PlayStation Vita features, including reflection mapping and particle systems.

The developer admits that some elements of the Killzone experience were toned down for the handheld version of the game in order to keep overall performance levels up.

Killzone Mercenary will be launched during September.

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