Media Molecule Teases New Project via Mysterious Game Page

The team might be working on a PlayStation 4 title

The development team at Media Molecule, best known for its work on Little Big Planet, is teasing a new video game project through a page on its official website.

For now, it only features a pop tune about mystery but, presumably, the team will add more information, building up to an official reveal.

At the moment, Media Molecule is only officially working on Tearaway, the stylish paper-based title for the PlayStation Vita that was revealed last year and which should be launched during 2013.

The new project might be linked to the unannounced PlayStation 4, which Sony might officially reveal at the February 20 event in New York.

Recently, another rumor suggested that Little Big Planet 3 was being developed by Sumo Digital, with Media Molecule only overseeing the project, which would give the studio the resources to handle a new game.

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