Medal of Honor Franchise Taken Out of EA's Rotation, Won't See New Releases

EA already has plans for another shooter series to take its place

Electronic Arts has confirmed that, after the poor reception of Medal of Honor: Warfighter last year, it's taken the whole franchise out of its shooter release rotation, meaning no new games will be made in the series.

Medal of Honor is a long-running franchise for EA and, after seeing quite a few installments on older platforms, it witnessed the release of two new ones on current devices, in the form of the rebooted Medal of Honor and its sequel, Warfighter.

Sadly, both those titles didn't exactly attract shooter fans, so EA has now decided to pull the plug on the whole franchise and confirms that it's taken the series out of its release rotation.

EA's Chief Operating Officer, Peter Moore, has confirmed, via Polygon, that EA already has plans to release a blockbuster shooter each year, just like it did in previous ones with Battlefield and Medal of Honor.

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