Massive Patch for "CrimeCraft" Adds Double Rate Events and Lots of Fixes

The update also brings the “Halloween Winner” unique title

The free-to-play online “persistent third-person shooter” MMO CrimeCraft has just been updated with lots of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

The new patch adds Lottery Tickets on the Black Market, along with Double rate events. In addition, all characters that won a Random Tournament on Halloween will get the unique “Halloween Winner” title.

The following changes are included in this patch as well:

- By using a Ticket player will get a random reward. The Lottery is safe - players will always get something from it;

- Players can win a random gun fully upgraded with epic attachments from a Slayer Lottery Ticket;

- Increased the maximum amount of cash that one character can have up to 100000000;

- Oslo Odin SMG rate of fire increased to 625 up from 600;

- Fixed some issues with the scoring system in matches.

For the full list of changes included in this patch, check out the official announcement here.

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