Mass Effect Trilogy Now Available on the PlayStation 3

Sony fans can now play through the entire Reaper saga

BioWare announces that the Mass Effect Trilogy is now available on the PlayStation 3 home gaming console from Sony in North America, with gamers in the rest of the world set to get access to it in the coming days.

As the name implies, the new package allows players to pick up all the three core games in the Commander Shepard powered series.

The core story of the series has a number of unlikely races and allies fighting together in order to stop the Reapers, a returning terror that seeks to extinguish all sentient life in the galaxy.

On the PlayStation Network, players can also get access to the first title in the Mass Effect series in digital form.

BioWare has already confirmed that a new game linked to the Mass Effect universe is in development, although it is clear that it will not feature the same main characters.

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