Mass Effect Risk: Galaxy at War Board Game Launches This Fall

The title will use locations and factions from the BioWare series

The development team at BioWare announces that it is working with USAopoly to create a new version of the venerable board game Risk based upon the Mass Effect franchise, which will use the name Galaxy at War.

The game is supposed to be available in the fall from a number of major retailers and will cost around 50 dollars or Euro.

BioWare has posted an official prototype image for the upcoming game, but neither of the two companies has offered details on the actual mechanics.

Given the nature of the Mass Effect universe, factions will probably be built around the humans, Reapers, Geth, Turians and other major civilizations in the game.

The Mass Effect themed incarnation of Risk will also feature locations and other flavor elements based on the series and Commander Shepard’s adventures.

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