Mass Effect 3 Will Not Get a Versus Mode, Says BioWare

The team wants to expand the cooperative experience

Preston Watamaniuk, the developer in charge of the multiplayer modes for Mass Effect 3, says that the team has no plans to allow gamers to become Reapers or Geth as part of a new more competitive game mode.

The game maker tells that, “Right now we are focused on trying to provide an interesting co-op experience. The way our game is set up makes playing as enemies harder, and it also forces a whole new world of balance that the game is not built to handle currently.”

At the moment, players of Mass Effect 3 can be part of a team which battles a variety of enemies and reaches objectives, but the game lacks any competitive aspect.

BioWare has been interested in increasing the longevity of its multiplayer game modes and is currently offering weekly operations to all those interested.

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