Mass Effect 3 Operation Nightfall Multiplayer Event Starts This Weekend

Play as Quarian characters and take down Geth Troopers to earn rewards

BioWare has confirmed that Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode will be the host to Operation Nightfall, a challenge in which players need to pick up their Quarian characters and score 50,000 points against Geth Troopers.

Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode has been a huge success and, in the midst of rumors about a new downloadable content pack for the online experience, developer BioWare has revealed a new weekend challenge, in the form of Operation Nightfall.

Taking place between February 8 and February 10, the special challenge tasks participants with playing as Quarian characters, either male or female, and score 50,000 points against the Geth Trooper enemy.

Those who complete this challenge in the following days in Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode, according to the BioWare blog, will earn a special Commendation pack, which includes different rewards, including a very powerful weapon.

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