Mass Effect 3 Operation Genesis Starts Today, January 11

Extract two times using a male and a female human character

After a winter holiday hiatus, BioWare has resumed the weekly tradition of multiplayer challenges for the online mode in Mass Effect 3 and has just revealed Operation Genesis, which starts later today, January 11.

Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode is still going strong even after almost a year since its release, largely because BioWare has released all sorts of updates and organized different challenges.

The latest has just been revealed, in the form of Operation Genesis, which is going to go live today, January 11.

The new challenge involves players extracting in two matches on any map and at any difficulty. They must once extract while playing as a regular male human character and once while controlling a female one. The characters can belong to any of the regular classes, including Adept, Engineer, Infiltrator, Sentinel, Soldier, or Vanguard.

In exchange for their performance, players will receive a special Commendation Pack, according to the BioWare blog, and the challenge will last until January 13.

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