Mass Effect 3 Operation Alamo Weekend Challenge Revealed

Survive five consecutive waves on Firebase Condor this weekend

BioWare has just revealed the Operation Alamo weekend challenge for Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode, tasking players with surviving five consecutive waves on Firebase Condor at any difficulty.

We named Mass Effect 3's cooperative mode the best multiplayer of the year during our Game of the Year 2012 awards and now BioWare has revealed a fresh challenge for those who engage in the game's online experience.

Operation Alamo starts tomorrow, December 14, and ends on December 17, according to the BioWare blog.

It challenges players with earning a special "Survived 5 Waves" medal on the Firebase Condor map. This means that they'll have to stay alive for five consecutive waves in order to unlock it and earn the special Commendation Pack reward.

You can complete the weekend challenge at any difficulty and you don't have to extract in order to finish it.

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