Mass Effect 3 Omega Gets Aria and Shepard Launch Trailer

Gamers can see what the next single player episode offers

The development team at BioWare is introducing players to the new Omega downloadable content via a new launch trailer, which allows them to see Commander Shepard, companion Aria and a new Turian huntress named Nyreen fighting inside the huge space station.

Omega allows gamers to experience another chapter linked to the single player of Mass Effect 3, which sees players return to the space station that has been occupied by a strong contingent of Cerberus forces, which include new types of enemies that pose more of a threat.

Gamers will be able to use new weapons and new biotic powers during combat.

BioWare has already confirmed that it is working on the pre-production of a new full Mass Effect game, but the studio is also working on more DLC for the third game in the series.

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