Mass Effect 3 N7 Day Multiplayer Challenges Lasts Until Friday, November 9

Complete three matches with human characters and earn a new banner

Mass Effect 3 multiplayer fans have the opportunity to complete the special N7 Day Challenge until Friday, November 9, as BioWare wants to give everyone a chance at completing the assignment.

BioWare celebrated its Mass Effect franchise yesterday, November 7, proclaiming it N7 Day and ran a variety of contests and events for fans.

Part of these celebrations is a special N7 Day multiplayer challenge that tasks players with completing three online matches with human characters (basic human kits, N7 humans, ex-Cerberus).

According to the BioWare blog, the challenge has been extended until Friday, November 9, in order to give fans from all over the world time to participate and earn their reward, which consists of a special N7 Day banner.

The new challenge will end on November 9, at 8am PST, and will no doubt be followed up by a new weekend operation, so be on the lookout for details about that as well.

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