Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Operation Prophecy Starts This Weekend

Not one but two separate goals can be completed between December 21 and 23

BioWare has confirmed the last challenge weekend for Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode, in the form of Operation Prophecy, which rewards players for battling the Reapers on Earth maps (Vancouver, Rio, or London).

Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode has been a huge success and BioWare's constant updating and weekly operations have kept players hooked on the experience.

After confirming that the following weekends won't see any operation be organized, BioWare has now revealed the last challenge for the year of 2012.

Between December 21 and 23, Operation Prophecy will be in full swing with not one but two different individual goals, so check them out below, via the BioWare blog.

Challenge Goal 1: Extract once on each Earth map (London, Vancouver, and Rio).

Challenge Goal 2: Score 100,000 cumulative points against Reaper enemies.

The challenges can be completed at any difficulty and each will reward players with a Commendation pack. Finishing them both nets players a special banner called Hero of the Last Days.

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