Mass Effect 3 Launches Operation: PRIVATEER During the Weekend

The event focuses on Vorcha, Batarians and Turians

Developer BioWare announces that during the coming weekend all Mass Effect 3 players will be able to take part in a new multiplayer base event called Operation: PRIVATEER.

Players can take part between November 23 and 25 and the individual goal for each is to get 50,000 Points versus any enemy carrying shields on any map, using any difficulty setting.

They include: Cerberus Centurion, Cerberus Engineer, Cerberus Engineer Turret, Cerberus Nemesis, Cerberus Atlas, Reaper Marauder, Geth Rocket Trooper, Geth Hunter, Geth Pyro, Geth Prime, Geth Prime Turret, Geth Prime Rocket Drone, Geth Bomber.

The overall goal is to get 50,000 total extractions for Batarian, Vorcha and Turian characters.

Those who succeed will get a Commendation Pack and a Corsair banner and if the game goal is reached a Victory Pack will be added and the Ops Survival Kit capacity maximum will go up to 6.

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