Mass Effect 3 Gets Operation: TRIBUTE for the Weekend

Gamers need to use two weapons to obtain the Commendation Pack

The development team at BioWare announces that the operation for the weekend in Mass Effect 3 is called TRIBUTE and will take place starting from tomorrow until February 24.

Gamers will have to first earn 50,000 points in multiplayer using the M-8 Avenger and then earn the same amount using Inferno Grenades.

The official description from BioWare reads, “A surprise Reaper assault inflicted deeply-felt casualties on our N7 teams and interrupted supply lines to several worlds. Many units will have to rely on standard-issue sidearms and munitions. We must honor and avenge our comrades who fell – and let the Reapers know this was a mistake, not a victory.”

Those who achieve the objectives will get a Commendation Pack and a special tribute-themed banner.

BioWare has just announced the last two pieces of DLC for Mass Effect 3.

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