Mass Effect 3 Gets Operation GERONIMO for the Weekend

Gamers will have to get proficient in first aid techniques

Video game developer BioWare has announced that the Mass Effect 3 operation for the coming weekend is called GERONIMO and will ask all players who are willing to take part to earn the first aid medal.

The goal can be accomplished on any game map and using all difficulty levels, and the operation will start on Friday and will finish on late Sunday.

All those who manage the performance will get access to a Commendation pack filled with goodies.

There’s no goal and no reward for the entire community in GERONIMO.

The official description reads: “Reaper units are identifying and targeting our team medics. To counter, we are increasing training in battlefield medicine for all N7 soldiers, regardless of specialty. By ensuring each soldier can deliver emergency care, we will confuse and frustrate the Reapers into abandoning their strategy.”

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