Mass Effect 3 Gets Operation FIRESTORM for the Weekend

Gamers will need to work together to get a special reward

Video game developer BioWare is launching yet another multiplayer-focused event for Mass Effect 3 this weekend, called Operation FIRESTORM, set to start tomorrow and last until Sunday.

The only goal available is for the entire player squad and asks them to get the Killstreak 3 medal, which is awarded when the members of the squad work together to take out 5 enemies three separate times.

The description of the event reads: “The Reapers have changed their tactics in an effort to prevent us from whittling them down. As they conquer rural areas, their fighting groups are fewer but larger, making them more difficult to assail. Accordingly, we are hitting them in the cities to deliver as much damage as possible before evacuation.”

Those who take part and reach the goal will get a Commendation Pack.

BioWare is expected to announce new DLC for Mass Effect 3 in the coming days.

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