Mass Effect 3 Gets Engineer-Focused Operation Gearhead This Weekend

Complete matches as Engineers to unlock a Commendation pack

BioWare has revealed the next challenge that it will run in Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer, in the form of Operation Gearhead, which tasks players with completing matches as Engineers.

Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer mode has seen quite a few new challenges in recent weeks, thanks to BioWare’s more aggressive stance concerning the online mode.

After previous challenges tasked players with controlling characters from different races, like Krogans, or certain Classes, like Vanguards, the new Operation Gearhead, which goes into effect this weekend, challenges players to earn points and complete matches as engineers.

More specifically, according to the BioWare blog, players need to earn over 75,000 points as any engineer class and extract (aka complete) three matches as an engineer on any map and at any difficulty.

Like previous operations, the points are cumulative across matches, so you don’t need to worry about completing the goal in a single session.

Operation Gearhead starts today, November 16, at 10am PST and ends on Monday, November 19, at 9am PST. The reward for completing the task will be a Commendation Pack.

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