Mass Effect 2 Had Multiplayer, Scrapped Because of Limited Resources

The mode was recreated for the third full game in the series

Mass Effect 2, the second act of the action role-playing saga, was initially set to have a multiplayer mode, but the team working on the game lacked the resources to finish its development and scrapped it in order to return to the idea in the final title in the franchise.

Speaking to Gamer Syndrome, Mike Gamble, a producer working on the series at BioWare, says, “We had actually wanted to do multiplayer in Mass Effect 2. We started working on it and found out that it was just going to be too much, so we had to take it out of Mass Effect 2 and put it into 3.”

The multiplayer side of the latest Mass Effect has proved very popular with the community and BioWare is offering weekly challenges and keeps the interest level up by delivering free content packs.

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