Marvel Pinball: Civil War Is Out, Watch the Launch Trailer

Gamers can also download the official soundtrack for free

The development team at Zen Studios says that the new Civil War table for its Marvel Pinball title is now out and invites all interested gamers to watch the trailer for the new content, which explains the origins and some of the mechanics.

The new Civil War table is offered on the Xbox Live Arcade service from Microsoft for 240 Microsoft Points, on the PlayStation Network for 2.99 dollars or Euro and also on iTunes and on Google Play.

The development team also plans to launch the Civil War content for the Pinball FX2 title on Windows 8, although a date has not been mentioned yet.

Fans can also get access to the soundtrack for Civil War for free from the official website:

The table is modeled on one of the most interesting storylines from the Marvel-created comic book universe.

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