Mark Cerny: PlayStation 4 – Vita Streaming Latency Might Affect Some Genres

Gamers will need to stay clear of shooters and racing titles

Mark Cerny, the chief architect of the PlayStation 4, says that the latency introduced by streaming games from the new home console to the PlayStation Vita handheld might pose problems for some game genres, like shooters or racing.

He tells CVG that, “It is just a part of that cloud gaming technology that there will be a bit of latency there.”

He adds, “If you’re playing a twitch fighter or racing game, you might not want to be doing that. That’s cloud gaming.”

Cloud-based technology is important on both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One with Sony and Microsoft saying that it will improve the experience for all players.

Cerny also says that most games use streaming very well and that the PlayStation 4 – Vita link will be an important part of the future for both platforms.

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