Manhattan Exclusion Zone Detailed for The Secret World

The raid will include 10-man teams and a lot of content

The development team at Funcom is offering more details on the first big raid instance, called The Manhattan Exclusion Zone, saying that it is designed to appeal to players who like an even tougher challenge than that offered by the core story-based elements of the MMO.

The Manhattan raid will allow gamers to group together in 10-man teams and attempt to take down an incarnation of evil that will test all their strength.

Those who succeed will be locked out of the raid for the next 32 hours and gamers will get to play around with an entirely new set of skills.

The official developer blog says, “The great threats to our planet, no longer contained in deniable, out-of-the-way locations, are now going to start bursting up in the great centres of the world. The raid takes place in New York City, and as you know that we're also working on a full-scale Tokyo location.”

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