Man Dies After 72-Hour Diablo 3 Gaming Session

A combination of the addictive game and apnea resulted in a heart attack for one player

Diablo 3 is an addictive game, but most players know how to pace themselves and not neglect other things while crawling through the game’s dungeons. Sadly, 32-year-old Russell Shirley was not among them, as the man was found dead in his apartment after a three-day marathon session of Diablo III.

Many Blizzard games offer an addictive experience and there have been deaths caused by World of Warcraft, the studio’s engrossing online role-playing game, or StarCraft II, the top-notch strategy title.

Now, the recently launched Diablo 3 has claimed a victim, as Shirley was found dead by his landlord in the U.S.

According to IGN, the man suffered a heart attack after playing the RPG for three consecutive days.

Shirley’s friends also say that he was battling with apnea for a long time, so that condition may have also contributed to his death.

Either way, such an incident should once again remind gamers that, while the action on screen may be enjoyable, they shouldn’t forget to be careful with their real-life bodies.

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