Magicka Gets Free Steam Anniversary Weekend, New DLC

Gamers can engage in an arena fight with 20 waves of enemies

Developer Arrowhead Games and publisher Paradox Interactive have announced that their sorcery-themed action title Magicka is free to play on the Steam digital distribution service for the weekend.

Gamers who are interested in seeing what the experience has to offer can download it using their Mt Games list and will be able to play for free until Sunday at 1 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Magicka is also available with a 75 percent price cut, which means that fans can spend just 2.49 Euro or dollars for it.

The game also receives a new piece of downloadable content called Jólnir's Workshop.

The description says that players will have to deal with, “a ‘chilling’ new challenge with 20 waves of blizzards and beasts. Help Jólnir reclaim his workshop from all new creatures while battling the harsh weather at the same time.”

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