Magicka Gets Big Picture Oriented Steam Patch

Gamers will be able to use a controller for all game options

Developers Arrowhead Game Studios and publisher Paradox Interactive have announced that their Magicka action-adventure video game has received a new patch that’s designed specifically to allow gamers to use the new Big Picture mode on Steam.

The full patch notes read:

- Magicka now gets full controller support for steams upcoming Big Picture mode.

- Players can now access the steam-overlay with a gamepad and type text with the new "DaisyWheel" in Big Picture mode.

- The SteamStore, Facebook and Twitter-buttons visible in all menus can now be navigated with a gamepad.

- An icon has been added to players in the pre-game lobby to illustrate what controller they use.

Magicka allows players to inhabit the role of a wizard and use basic elements in order to create complex spells, using a really unique system that focuses on players’ memory and quick thinking.

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