Madden NFL 13 Simulation Shows Ravens Winning Super Bowl XLVII

Joe Flacco got the Most Valuable Player award after a fine performance

The EA Sports team that created Madden NFL 13 says that the Baltimore Ravens will be the winners of Super Bowl XLVII, which will take place on Sunday, beating their rivals, the San Francisco 49ers, by 27 to 24.

The EA Sports driven simulation, which uses special data but runs on the core game engine, has managed to pinpoint the winner for the last seven out of nine editions of the Super Bowl, coming within 2 points of predicting the exact final result in 2009.

The Most Valuable Player title was given to Joe Flacco after completing 19 out of 27 passes and instigating two touchdowns.

The popularity of the Madden NFL series is at an all-time high and a good prediction for Super Bowl XLVII might lead to another increase in sales for the simulation title.

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