MMOs Have Potential on Home Consoles, Says Guild Wars 2 Director

The teams need to solve a number of development challenges

Colin Johanson, the director working on Guild Wars 2, reveals that his team has examined the possibility of launching the MMO on home console, but it has chosen instead to focus on delivering a game that’s as good as possible on the PC.

The developer believes that there are opportunities for MMOs in the console space, although the challenges are also very important.

Johanson tells VG247 that, “A few games have dabbled in this area, but I’m not sure anyone has been a smash success in bringing the console to the console space. These games are absolutely huge, so you’re looking at how to handle install size, texture and rendering issues, and performance issues based on the limitations of the specific console OS.”

Guild Wars 2 is introducing a new living world system designed to keep players constantly engaged through new events.

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