Lord of the Rings Online Maintenance Over, Store Still Unavailable

Gamers will be given Turbine points if they have logged in recently

The development team at Turbine says that a longer than expected maintenance period for The Lord of the Rings Online is now over and that gamers can access the game servers even if at the moment the Store and the MyAccount page are both still offline.

As compensation, the developers are offering those who have VIP or Premium status in the MMO and have logged into the game during the past month 250 Turbine Points to spend as they see fit.

Rick Heaton, a community manager for The Lord of the Rings Online, states on the official forums, “ The LOTRO Game servers are now available. Please note that the LOTRO Store and Myaccount services are unavailable at this time. We will update you when they become available again.”

Turbine has long-term plans for the game, including more content delivered in the coming months.

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