Lord of the Rings Online Adds More Exploration, New Housing System in 2013

Gamers will also get a re-designed class system during fall

Turbine says that it has big plans for The Lord of the Rings Online this year, including a new housing system for all players and a more thorough exploration of the western areas of Rohan.

Kate Paiz, the executive producer working on the Tolkien-inspired MMO, has written a letter to the player community promising the changes and assuring players that the team is committed to offering support for the game in the long term.

A player council is also being planned, which will allow the voices of the players to be heard when Turbine makes decisions about the game.

Wildermore is the new area of Rohan which will be opened up during the spring and another game area will be revealed during the fall.

Paiz adds, “We will be making some significant changes to the skills and traits of the Free Peoples classes. We’ll be pruning out skills that just feel disappointing in play and increasing the potency of others.”

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